Friday, July 29, 2011

So you want a Tablet?

If you follow the news about the tablet wars (and I do), you'll see that the battle is shaping up as the iPad vs. everyone else.  There are a host of challengers out there for Apple.  They include HP, Samsung, Dell, and many others.  So considering that the first iPad shipped in April of 2010, why are we still talking about the POTENTIAL for iPad challengers?  Why isn't there a true alternative like Coke vs. Pepsi, Dominos vs. PizzaHut, or Ford vs. Chevy?

The answer is a fairly straightforward one.  Apple knows what we want and is giving it to us.  The rest are still trying to market tablets in the same way they marketed PCs and laptops.

Here is something to consider:  Unless you are a hardcore gamer, when was the last time you cared about the type of processor, amount of memory, or graphics engine that was in your smartphone or tablet?  If you didn't automatically answer, "Huh?!?" to that question, you're still probably a member of the large majority who hasn't given much thought to those questions since about 2007-08.  There are very, very few people who own an iPad today who can tell you much about the technical "guts" of their tablet.

So let's compare an Apple commercial to one for the Samsung Galaxy or an HP whatever.  Apple is all about the EXPERIENCE of owning an iPad.  They focus on showing how pretty, how cool, and how much fun owning an iPad can be.  They show the millions of songs and apps you can get from the Apple iTunes store and how easy it is to buy and use them.  Best of all, Apple is very trendy with their marketing right down to the music they use. (How many people knew who 'Feist' was before that Apple ad in 2008?)  Apple knows that people buy their products because of the experience and only rarely for the tech specs.

Now let's look at some recent ads for the "other" guys.  Without naming names, what I see is a focus on the screen resolution, the processing power, the amount of memory, and the camera capabilities of their units.  Relevant, informative, and BOR-ring.  After 18 months these companies are still trying to market a tablet to us like it was a computer.  They are still missing the mark and that's why Apple is continuing to dominant the market and absolutely rake in the cash.

So you want a Tablet?  Odds are that you are going to buy it for the experience - how it makes you feel and how it makes others feel about you - rather than what's under the hood.

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