Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tickle the keys

By now most of us have seen how the era of the tablet PC is upon us.  The market is pretty much dominated by Apple at this point, but with so much money to be made in that space it won't be too long before there are viable competitors to take on the fruit company (just not HP). 

Just for fun, let's list all the great things about tablets:

  • They are light and easy to pack
  • Their batteries last forever (or 5-10 hours, whichever comes first)
  • The viewing aspect, set at 16:9, is perfect for HD video
  • Lots of cool, easy to use apps that rarely crash
  • No "blue screen of death"
  • You look really cool using them
  • They are multi-media superstars - meaning that you can use an app, listen to your music, watch movies, compose music - all from the same device.  No reboot required, by the way
  • You DO NOT have to take them out of your bag at airport security <My Personal Favorite>
  • You can pack a whole library of books inside a tablet.  A big space saver if you're a packrat like me
  • You can make phone calls, video conferences, web chats, and do all kinds of instant communications through them
So what is really the only major drawback for tablets at this point?  If you've ever tried to type on them, you already know.  Unlike a standard keyboard, the typing interfaces on tablets are slow and frustrating to use.  With my tablet I will never be able to sit down and bang something out like I can on a regular keyboard.  (You can guess that I'm not typing this post on my iPad!)

The next big thing in tablet computing is going to be a revolution in the typing interface.  If you're an entrepreneur looking for a way to make an easy billion or two, focus on this problem.  Once people have a way to quickly and comfortably type on their tablets, that will be the day that the laptop dies.  The PC as we know it will not be long in following.

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