Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"The Talent Triangle"--Now on Kindle

For the past several years I have talked occasionally in this blog about the difficulties inherent in making truly great hiring decisions.  Like most of you in leadership positions, I have made (ultimately) poor decisions in the selection of people to fill my organizations.  Some of my more painful selections were made for various reasons:

  • The person went to my alma mater
  • I "liked" the way the person communicated in the interview
  • I could see potential - what could be but isn't yet - and was certain the person would "blossom" under my leadership
  • The candidate was a really great individual contributor and I felt it was time for them to take on more responsbility
  • The person had all the skill sets that I needed but not the motivation.  I believed that I could be the one to motivate the individual to a higher level of importance.
Of course the list goes on, but you get my point. 

Over time I got better at making good and even great hiring selections.  Yet, I never had a process that was scientifically based in a way that would make me confident that I could predictably be successful in my hiring practices.  Predictably I would make great hires and then, at random, someone I thought was a great fit during the interviews turned out to be a really poor employee.  I needed to find a way towards more precision, a way to eliminate or at least greatly reduce the chances of selecting a "dud".

That's when I began to understand that each person has four dimensions that all play a part in determining how and if they can fill a role.  Building on the work of world renowned experts from across the globe, I constructed a model that describes how all of these pieces work together.

In "The Talent Triangle" you will get a complete description of how the model works, with in-depth definitions of each dimension.  You'll learn how to evaluate people in a way that will shed a whole new light on who & what they are and how they operate. 

After reading the book you will be armed with a tool that will allow you to make great hires, time after time after time.  You will still use your intuition, but the model will show you how and when to apply feeling and when to rely on hard science.

You can find "The Talent Triangle" HERE on Amazon Kindle. 

I love feedback so please do take a moment when you've finished to write a quick review on the Amazon site.  No matter what you think, I want to hear it!  Your feedback is what keeps writers at their keyboards so you have my thanks in advance.


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