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Customized CIO Consulting Services

Information technology is at the core of all business, and your company deserves the kind of heavy hitting that an experienced Chief Information Officer can provide.

But we know that hiring heavy hitters is not always possible.

That's why Christopher has designed a a wide range of consulting services for companies to get high level executive experience, without the price of hiring a full time CIO.

Whether you need some basic advice over the phone, a short term executive presence to bring about some change, or you're trying to execute a massive project, let's talk.

Our part-time, phone, and fractional CIO services may be JUST what your company needs.

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We respond to requests within 1 business day.

The Talent Triangle E-Book

Available on Amazon, The Talent Triangle is an insightful look at the hiring process and what makes a great hire. It asks the question: so you THINK you have a great fit for your position and your company, but how do you KNOW? Christopher has learned from his experiences at many companies...and from his hiring mistakes, and has taken the vast knowledge of several corporate culture experts with whom he has worked, to form his Talent Triangle theory: that capability, motivations, values and ego development ALL play a role. 

You can purchase The Talent Triangle on Amazon, or receive a copy for free when you purchase customized CIO consulting services for your company.